Traditional Chicago Beef Sandwich with delicious twists

Since 2012, The BRGRBelly Group headed by Nicole and Steve O’Brien has been a neighborhood go-to-place for gourmet burgers on the northwest side of Chicago. Featured on “Check Please!”, as well as “Chicago’s Best”, it has gone on to win many awards, including Top 25 Burgers in America – Men’s Journal Magazine, Top 15 Burgers in America – Thrillist, Top 5 Burgers in Chicago – Zagat, Top Burger in Chicago 2015 – Chicago Sun Times, First Place Chicago’s Battle of the Burger, and so many more.

Nicole and Steve have decided to take their culinary chops and apply it to another traditional Chicago favorite, “The Celebrated Italian Beef”. Although no one can clearly explain the history of the Italian Beef, whether is was invented by a Greek cook in the back of a diner, or it was a way to stretch out cheap cuts of beef for poor immigrant weddings, or any of the many stories you hear about from other famous beef stands, it is without a doubt ingrained in Chicago tradition and culture. We have come to realize now that there are three things you should avoid in public discussions, politics, religion and your favorite Italian beef. Chicagoans feel strongly about their favorite Italian Beef and they would rather be hit by a bread delivery truck than to give up on their belief. We understand this and that is why we have focused on creating a fun destination dining space where we hold true to the traditional Italian beef but also mix it up a bit with some chef-driven flavors from around the world.

We welcome one and all to come have a beef, sample our fries, salads, chicken and Italian ice. Enjoy some ice cold craft brewed beers, listen to some classic rock-n-roll, catch the local game on our big screen TV’s, or just sit back and relax. Bring the kids and enjoy our complimentary build-our-own ice cream sundae bar. This is pretty much the perfect joint to enjoy a day on the Northwest side of Chicago.

After all, we are not just another restaurant. We are your neighbors, born, raised, and continue to live in Jefferson Park.

Nicole & Steve O’Brien